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04.08.2006, 08:06
(mal eben von amandas offizieller seite stebitzt.
ich wundere mich sehr, dass es keinen thread dazu gibt. oder hab ich ihn einfach nicht intensiv genug gesucht??)

AVALON 2006:
24th - 26th NOVEMBER 2006

Imagine a setting steeped in history, surrounded by mist covered hills with legends burnt into the very ground o n which you stand. Imagine stepping across a tranquil moat into a palace where the walls are adorned with coats of arms, ceremonial robes and priceless works of art. Imagine a roaring fire in a medieval inglenook welcoming you into an extra special venue. Imagine a fan event like no other you’ve ever attended. Imagine Avalon 2006 – in conversation with Richard Dean Anderson and Amanda Tapping.

* Our Location:
The Ancient Isle of Avalon with Glastonbury Tor towering in the distance over the tiny City of Wells in Somerset, England.
* The Venues:
The Bishop’s Palace at Wells, a setting straight from the annuals of history and the adjacent, majestic Town Hall.
The Event:
An enchanted weekend where a maximum of 580 fans o nly, spread evenly in small groups, will for a moment in time, share the magic of Avalon with their two favourite stars from Stargate SG-1 within the walls of the Bishop’s Palace. Attendees will enjoy a short Q&A introduction before joining Richard and Amanda for morning coffee or afternoon tea. After an individual photo session, each attendee will be presented with a specially commissioned Chalice designed and made exclusively for this event by the Victoria and Albert Museum’s featured artist Kevin de Choisy, a resident of Glastonbury who works within the shadow of the Tor.
* Luxury coaches, visiting the historic sites of Glastonbury, Chalice Wells, Glastonbury Abbey and Wells Cathedral will be available morning and afternoon for any attendees wishing to sample the delights of the area.
* Throughout the entire weekend Legends Memorabilia will be o n hand in the Town Hall offering exclusive access to new and much prized Stargate collectables. Legends will also give attendees the opportunity to help the stars raise awareness and boost funds for their chosen charities by offering exclusive Sea Shepherd and Water Keepers Alliance photos and goods throughout the weekend.
* Each day will be rounded off with what should prove to be a highly entertaining auction held in the majestic Town Hall. Whilst the major benefactor will be Comic Relief, many of the lots will assist Richard, Amanda and you raise funds and awareness for Sea Shepherd and the Water Keepers Alliance.

Tickets for this extra-ordinary event will be o n sale for a limited time via the
GABIT events website o nly www.gabitevents.co.uk o n a first come, first
served non-refundable basis. We look forward to welcoming you to Avalon.


Hi Everyone!
Just wanted to officially say that, Yes! I am thrilled to be participating in the Avalon Event with Richard Dean Anderson. We are excited to meet more fans and to share our stories. It is going to be a great event! I have the blessing of my beloved GABIT girls and boy and look forward to seeing everyone at either the GABIT event or Avalon.
I too will be donating proceeds to the Waterkeeper Alliance and some of my smaller local charities.
Lots of love,
Amanda xx

04.08.2006, 21:09
Ah und das heißt auf deutsch ?