Unabhängig von der Jerry-Doyle-Geschichte hat JMS letzter Zeit ja hin und wieder durchblicken lassen, dass was in Sachen B5 im Busch ist. In einem neuen Posting von ihm im Usenet, wird er jetzt etwas konkreter, aber eben auch nur ein bißchen.

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To the many questions that have arisen here of late...yes, as I mentioned
before, there is the possibility of something Babylon 5 related on the horizon,
but again I don't want anyone getting excited until we know if either one of
these two projects is going to actually come to fruition. We should know where
this lands in the next few weeks. The only thing I will say is that they're
not print projects, so if you were to assume it's for TV or film you wouldn't
be too far off...but that neither of them are series. And that's all I'm going
to say about them for now.
Bin ja mal gespannt, was sich da entwicklet. Die ganze Zeit hat man seine Andeutungen ja eher in Richtung Bücher/Comics gedeutet. Die Aussage, dass dem nicht so ist, finde ich doch recht überraschend.

CU Falcon