Bei meiner Suche nach neuen Infos bin ich auf folgende Meldung gestoßen:

When asked about the B5 comic book JMS had
talked about quite a while back, JMS responded on the B5 moderated
newsgroup with the following :
It's now being written, having waited for some other developments to
take place, and will be turned into Wildstorm in the first part of
the year. (It's a 100 page graphic novel, so that takes a while.)
Quelle: THE ZOCALO TODAY – October 23, 2004
Weiß da jemand etwas genaueres?

Viele Grüße

edit: Hab grad gemerkt, daß mein Mod-Partner schon diese Info in einem anderen Thread gepostet hat. Egal, hat eh einen eigenen Thread verdient! :P