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Ich wusste nicht, dass JMS Crowdfundung kategorisch ausgeschlossen hat. Nur wenn er verkündet, den B5-Film notfalls auch ohne Warner realisieren zu wollen, gehe ich einfach mal davon aus, dass er einen Plan B in der Tasche hat.
Ich hätte wohl auch den Rest des Facebookbeitrages zitieren sollen.

Fan questios:
A fan asked if JMS might crowdfund part of the film so that fans might be involved and JMS said that he resists doing that because it seems to him that SF fans are an exploited group and he doesn't ever want to do that - he'd rather accept investor money.

Asked about the current situation with streaming Babylon 5, JMS said that it's all up to Warner Bros. and geve the #FreeBabylon5 campaign a nice plug, telling of the success in Europe to date and hoping for some movement domestically.

A fan asked if the success of a B5 feature might improve the chances of streaming and even future TV projects and JMS said that it would probably have a significant effect, that a good way to get someone's (WB) attention is to rattle their cage.

Asked if the film would be a reboot or a continuation:
"It would have to be a reboot because it's been twenty-plus years since we started that show and some of the age ranges wouldn't work with some of these characters so we'd need to move a few people around. But what I want to do is use the original cast one way or another but we'd have to move some things around. I'd love to see Bruce as the PPresident of the Earth Alliance; it would be the perfect role for him."