So, nur nochmal als schön saubere Liste plus allet, was bekannt ist (abgeschaut bei Karl )

4.14 Twice Shy:
David Kemper: "Edge of your seat"
David Kemper: ..." will leave you stunned"

Chiana (Gigi Edgely) rescues a slave girl (Paula Arundell) from a trade ship, but as her Moya crewmates begin to disappear, Chiana becomes suspicious of her new friend.

Chiana purchases Talikaa (Paula Arundell), an abused slave girl from a passing trading ship. When the crew starts acting strangely and Talikaa disappears, they realize she may not be as innocent as she seemed

4.15 Mental as Anything:
David Kemper: ..." will leave you stunned"
Scorpius takes Crichton, D'Argo and Rygel into an advanced training camp where students learn mental discipline. D'Argo is confronted with the arrival of Macton (Blair Venn), the Peacekeeper who murdered his wife, Lo'Laan (Rachel Gordon), then framed him for the crime. When Scorpius forces Crichton into torturous anti-Scarran training, D'Argo must face the demons from his past ... alone

4.16 Bringing Home the Beacon
David Kemper: ..."will leave you stunned"

4.17 A Constellation of Doubt
David Kemper: "...will leave you as mystified by what we eat and drink behind the scenes as did the cartoon ep.
DK Wrote this episode He compares this to the animated episode. its his what the frell episode. this episode was shot over 7 months. Karls speculation that this is the time travel. I think this episode places all those part together in earlier episodes.

4.18 Prayer
David Kemper: "eps 418-422 will just about twist you up, down, and inside out. Some of the best acting I have personally ever been around is delivered as the season draws to a close.

4.19 We're So Screwed, Part 1: Fetal Attraction

Naja, zur Folge mit dem besten Titel steht mal wieder nix, war ja klar...Eine time travel Folge, die so verrückt ist wie Revenging angel? *freu*