Die offizielle Seite hat uns einen ersten Eindruck von Try Denning's (Star by Star) e-book A Forest Apart gegeben, welches im Zusammenhang mit dessen Buch Tatooine Ghost steht.

At first glance, Coruscant and Kashyyyk couldn't be more different: one is a metropolis-covered world of technology while the other is the verdant Wookiee homeworld enveloped by immense rain forests. But the two share a dangerous similarity: the further into the shadows one descends, the greater the danger.
That's what Lumpawarrump, Chewbacca's son, discovers in A Forest Apart. The young Wookiee has grown up hearing tales of his father's heroics, but he hasn't heard them from Chewbacca. Chewie's life debt to Han Solo keeps him constantly on the move and away from home. Without the steadying influence of his father, Lumpy is running wild. His mother, Mallotobuck, decides that a visit to Coruscant is in order. It's the perfect opportunity for father and son to bond again -- and for Lumpy to learn that, even for a great hero like Chewbacca, there is more to life than adventure.

But when Lumpy interrupts a burglar in the Solos' apartment, adventure is all he can think about. Eager to make his father proud, Lumpy disobeys his parents and pursues the escaping criminal into Coruscant's dangerous underlevels . . . only to stumble upon a secret as shocking as it is deadly.

The fourth Star Wars eBook will go on sale prior to the release of Tatooine Ghost on March 4.
geklaut von TF.N.

Ich finde es genial endlich mal wieder was von unserem geliebten, toten (ich denke das geht auch ohne Spoilerwarnung, das Buch gibt es jetzt seit fast 4 Jahren) Chewbacca zu lesen und freue mich tierichst.

Und auch auf das 'Hauptbuch', in denen Leia was über ihre Oma erfährt und sich auf eine Familie einlassen will.