Auf einmal tauchten kurz hintereinander aus dem nichts zwei bekannte namen im chat auf - "Ben Browder" und "DK". Am anfang wurde noch gerätselt, ob sie echt waren oder gefaked - dazu kamen probleme mit Barb's flood-protect-script und Barb's abwesenheit.
Ben's versuche, sich selbst zu oppen wurden witzigerweise von Barb's Bot zunichte gemacht.

[03:32] <Ben Browder> tryin again
[03:32] <Ben Browder> hey... I got my voice back
[03:33] <Ben Browder> really need to brush up my MIRC commands
[03:38] <Ben Browder> test
[03:39] <Ben Browder> AHHH... got my voice back
[03:39] <Ben Browder> You guys okay today?
[03:40] <Ben Browder> We&#39;re all shattered
[03:40] <Ben Browder> Winona is in her box and heading for LA
[03:41] <Ben Browder> I&#39;ve got to finish post production here... then start looki for a job
[03:42] <Ben Browder> Saying goodbye to Australia is gonna be HARD
[03:43] <Ben Browder> Ahhh... now I feel better
[03:43] <DK> (#moya) Ben and I are talking, We will start the Conversation when Barb gets back. Thanks Everyone for the support.
[03:44] <Ben Browder> Where we gonna talk?
[03:44] <Ben Browder> (#moya) Is DK here?
[03:45] <Ben Browder> Lotta folks
[03:45] <Ben Browder> so little time
[03:46] <Ben Browder> Been a long couple days here in Australia
[03:47] <Ben Browder> You guys have been amazing
[03:47] <Ben Browder> Word out of SCIFI is that you&#39;ve been "good"

(Chaos, durcheinander, barb is back)

[03:50] <Barbarella> ben will be back in a few
[03:50] <Barbarella> so just sit tight
[03:50] <Barbarella> I&#39;ll dance for ya
[03:50] <Barbarella> hehehehe
[03:51] <Barbarella> and we won it as far as I can see....although I must say...I am a little upset by some of your behavior while it was goin on...all that cussing and insulting is not the way Scapers do next time
[03:51] <Barbarella> if there is a next time
[03:51] <Barbarella> please remain calm and intelligent arguement
[03:51] <Barbarella> but....
[03:51] <Barbarella> I am so proud of you as well
[03:51] <Barbarella> you guys stood behind me while that was going on and I can not tell you how much I appreciated it
[03:51] <Barbarella> seriously
[03:51] <Barbarella> YOU GUYS ROCK
[03:52] <Barbarella> thank you so much for sticking with me
[03:52] <Barbarella> and not just leaving when scifi came in and did that

[03:52] <Barbarella> wb Ben
[03:52] <Barbarella> pygar is deop&#39;d you can op yourself
[03:52] <Barbarella> Hi there DK
[03:53] *** Barbarella sets mode: +m
[03:53] *** Ben Browder sets mode: +o Ben Browder
[03:53] <Ben Browder> Ahhh
[03:53] <Ben Browder> better
[03:53] <Barbarella> ummm..ben I hate to ask it
[03:53] <Barbarella> is DK THE DK?
[03:53] <Barbarella> before I op em
[03:53] <Ben Browder> got tossed into the ether
[03:53] <Barbarella> yes it happens
[03:53] <Barbarella> hehehhe
[03:53] <Barbarella> even to the best of it
[03:53] <Barbarella> my butt is sore from today
[03:53] <Ben Browder> not sure
[03:53] <Barbarella> hehehehe
[03:55] <Ben Browder> Sorry to be so quiet... just sorting through the chaos
[03:55] <Barbarella> so I take it you guys know about what happened Ben?
[03:55] <Barbarella> me too
[03:56] <Ben Browder> Which bit?
[03:56] <Barbarella> wow such response
[03:56] <Ben Browder> So much going on
[03:56] <Barbarella> yes very much so tryin to keep up
[03:56] <Ben Browder> The response online has been a great comfort
[03:56] <Barbarella> sorry guys this is a little unorganized and I have to say I didn&#39;t expect this many people
[03:56] <Ben Browder> LOL
[03:57] <Ben Browder> neither did SCIFI I don&#39;t think
[03:57] <Barbarella> we just topped the record of the last chat
[03:57] <Barbarella> ya
[03:57] <Barbarella> tell me about it
[03:57] <Barbarella> and they didn&#39;t expect hurricane farscape to knock at their doors
[03:57] <Barbarella> neither did they expect Barbie The Fearless Leader dressed in the leather cheerleading suit
[03:57] <Barbarella> hehehe
[03:58] *** Barbarella sets mode: +o DK
[03:59] <Barbarella> can you talk now david?
[03:59] <Barbarella> I think its him
[03:59] *** Barbarella sets mode: +m
[03:59] <Ben Browder> just talking with production at the moment
[03:59] <Ben Browder> organizing ADR
[03:59] <Ben Browder> anyway
[03:59] <Ben Browder> I&#39;m back now
[03:59] <DK> Yes
[04:00] <Ben Browder> DK... where are you?
[04:00] <Barbarella> hi there
[04:00] <Barbarella> sorry it took so long
[04:00] <DK> There are so many people here
[04:00] <Barbarella> and peopel again please don&#39;t PM me right now I have SO many pms
[04:00] <Barbarella> yes there are
[04:00] <Barbarella> and we hope to see more
[04:00] <Barbarella> especially after today
[04:01] <Barbarella> ROFL
[04:01] <Barbarella> that&#39;s a good name
[04:01] <Ben Browder> So...
[04:01] <Ben Browder> Yesterday...
[04:02] <Ben Browder> We shot the last frame of season four
[04:02] <Ben Browder> Lotta folks came out to set to say goodbye
[04:03] <Ben Browder> Great sadness
[04:03] <Ben Browder> But tremendous pride in how far we have travelled
[04:04] <Ben Browder> You guys have made quite an impression
[04:04] <Ben Browder> Not only online
[04:04] <Barbarella> well we DO try we love you guys
[04:05] <Ben Browder> But with everyone who makes the show
[04:05] <Barbarella> every scaper here is here because of you
[04:05] <DK> ok, its working I think
[04:05] <DK> Yes, Sci-Fi had no idea it would be like this
[04:06] <Ben Browder> Hell... we didn&#39;t know it would be like this
[04:06] <Barbarella> believe me I had a suspicion
[04:07] <Ben Browder> Is SCIFI treating you guys okay?
[04:07] <Ben Browder> Is the BB working again yet?
[04:08] <Ben Browder> Some of the cast and crew would like to express their appreciation for you support
[04:09] <Ben Browder> Hopefully there will be an outlet for that soon.
[04:09] <DK> We are very proud of all the fans and the had decication you have put forward.
[04:09] <Ben Browder> And for being well mannered
[04:10] <Ben Browder> it does make a difference
[04:10] <Barbarella> thank you I have really pushed manners here in this campaign
[04:10] <Ben Browder> it makes it much harder to ignore you all
[04:12] <DK> So Ben, Did you want to start off the Chat?
[04:12] <Ben Browder> Sup to you man...
[04:12] <Ben Browder> I can&#39;t stay that long
[04:13] <Ben Browder> But... rather that riffing in the wind
[04:14] <Ben Browder> it might be easier to feild a couple of questions
[04:14] <Barbarella> oh ok
[04:14] <Barbarella> hehehe
[04:14] <Barbarella> this is gonna be fun
[04:14] <Barbarella> ok people don&#39;t flood me with them ok?
[04:14] <Barbarella> please?
[04:14] <Barbarella> I don&#39;t wanna die
[04:14] *** Barbarella sets mode: -l
[04:14] *** Barbarella sets mode: -m

(unübersehbare flut von fragen und kommentaren)

[04:15] <Barbarella> guys its coming too fast
[04:15] <Barbarella> don&#39;t PM so hard
[04:15] <Barbarella> we can&#39;t field questions in this
[04:15] *** Barbarella sets mode: +m
[04:16] <Ben Browder> The entire cast is fairly shell shocked
[04:16] <Barbarella> have them PM Pygar
[04:16] <Barbarella> hang on
[04:16] <Barbarella> you guys are flooding us with PM&#39;s
[04:16] <Barbarella> its lagging me to hell
[04:16] <Barbarella> please PM pygar
[04:16] <Barbarella> Please PM Pygar
[04:16] <Ben Browder> It&#39;s hard to let something go so quickly
[04:16] <Ben Browder> without warning
[04:16] <Barbarella> guys don&#39;t PM me
[04:16] <Barbarella> Pm pygar
[04:16] <Barbarella> please
[04:18] <Barbarella> gusy I have to shut down my PM someone is pm flooing me
[04:18] <Barbarella> one sec
[04:18] <Barbarella> I have to go to dominion
[04:19] <Ben Browder> Is that like going to the principals office?
[04:21] <Ben Browder> oh... one more lesson in geekdom for me today

(barbs anti-flood-script hebt moderated auf, unübersehbare flut von fragen und kommentaren)

[04:22] <Barbarella> one second
[04:22] <Ben Browder> 606???
[04:22] <Ben Browder> no probs
[04:22] <DK> Barb, Are you there? I lost my ISP connection.
[04:22] <Barbarella> one second
[04:23] <Ben Browder> Same happened to me a little while ago
[04:23] <DK> Thanks
[04:23] <DK> I lost my ISP connection
[04:23] <Barbarella> ok guys sorry I&#39;m tryin here
[04:23] <Barbarella> there&#39;s alot goin on
[04:24] <Ben Browder> anything we can help you with?
[04:24] <Barbarella> no its the wtinks flooding you guys hon
[04:24] <Barbarella> nope
[04:24] <Barbarella> just keep the room +m
[04:24] <Barbarella> please
[04:24] <Barbarella> and +l
[04:24] <Ben Browder> not touching a thing
[04:24] <DK> Ben did you talk to them?
[04:24] <Barbarella> +l 600
[04:24] <Ben Browder> nope... not really
[04:24] <Ben Browder> waiting on you

(Das anti-flood-script hebt moderated auf, aber barb ist schnell zur stelle)

[04:26] <DK> Is everyone still there?
[04:26] <DK> This Chat connection isn&#39;t working good tonight
[04:28] <Barbarella> sorry guys had to kick a troll off the server
[04:29] <Barbarella> I can&#39;t take it off that
[04:30] <DK> Is this working?

(Wie als antwort bricht auf einmal der server zusammen, disconnected, rejoining, ben & dk weg)

(kurze zeit später bricht der server ganz zusammen, nachdem Barb noch sagen konnte, dass sie die sache jetzt im griff hat...)

Keine ahnung, ob es nochmal weitergeht, es sah so aus, als hätten Ben und DK noch was zu sagen...


Die ganze bisherige nummer hat sich nun doch als fake herausgestellt (Obwohl Ben Browder wohl echt war?).

Barb im "geheimen" channel #moyascargobay zu 35 leuten, zu denen der fake-dk auch noch gesprochen hatte, kurz bevor ich rausgekickt wurde:

[06:10] <Barbarella> guys
[06:10] <Barbarella> that was NOT the real david kemper
[06:10] <Barbarella> I know that cause he knows my name
[06:10] <Barbarella> and this one couldn&#39;t tell me
[06:10] <Barbarella> and this DK was from atlanta

Damit ihr jetzt nicht völlig umsonst bis hierhergelesen habt, gibts allerdings noch was handfestes: Der "echte" DK ist nämlich auch noch aufgetaucht.

[06:27] *** Barbarella sets mode: +o DK
[06:27] <Barbarella> you have the floor
[06:27] <Barbarella> GUYS DO NOT PM ME PLEASE
[06:28] <Barbarella> I HAVE OVER 200PMS RIGHT NOW
[06:28] <DK> Hey Guys.
[06:28] <DK> Thought I&#39;d check in.
[06:28] <DK> Ben called this morning to say someone was in here blabbing
[06:28] <DK> about this and that. Wasn&#39;t me. I was at the chiropractor, trying to unkink from the wrap party last night
[06:28] <DK> Anyway. Point is--
[06:29] <DK> Two points, actually
[06:29] <DK> and you may be highly interested in both.
[06:29] <DK> 1) When someone purports to be
[06:29] <DK> me or Ben, there is a way to check.
[06:29] <DK> Barb and I have a secret password.
[06:29] <DK> She PMs the guy nicked as "DK"
[06:30] <DK> If he has the password
[06:30] <Barbarella> OH ya put me in the hot seat...that&#39;s ok
[06:30] <Barbarella>
[06:30] <DK> He&#39;s me.
[06:30] <DK> If he doesn&#39;t
[06:30] <DK> She&#39;ll let you know.
[06:30] <DK> Anyone in the whole wide world can log
[06:30] <DK> on as me and say things that aren&#39;t true.
[06:30] <DK> Don&#39;t believe it.
[06:30] <DK> This IS me. I can tell you a few things.
[06:31] <DK> Ben and Claudia and Lil and Andrew and Deb and Baba and I ended the
[06:31] <DK> wrap party in my office and talked and cried the night away.
[06:31] <DK> I got home very late/early
[06:31] <DK> and my phone was ringing.
[06:31] <DK> The pressure you incredible people are applying
[06:32] <DK> through civil and concerned means
[06:32] <DK> is
[06:32] <DK> unbelievably as you may find it
[06:32] <DK> actually having an effect.
[06:32] <DK> There are no promises.
[06:32] <DK> There is no anything.
[06:32] <DK> But people who were once not talking
[06:32] <DK> are now talking again.
[06:32] <DK> My phone rings.
[06:32] <DK> There is calm and there is conversation.
[06:33] <DK> While people are decent and sensible
[06:33] <DK> and interacting in a positive and productive
[06:33] <DK> way, things ALWAYS have a chance to get done.
[06:33] <DK> I am the most optimistic person you&#39;ve
[06:33] <DK> ever heard about. It&#39;s what I do.
[06:33] <DK> I am hopeful.
[06:34] <DK> I am seriously hopeful.
[06:34] <DK> It is because of you.
[06:34] <DK> But it is nowhere near being done.
[06:34] <DK> That said,
[06:34] <DK> I am hopeful.
[06:34] <DK> Now....
[06:34] <DK> What to do?
[06:34] <Barbarella> have you seen the operation big push email?
[06:34] <DK> First -- do not listen to DK this and DK that.
[06:34] <Barbarella> I put together for this campaign?
[06:34] <DK> If Barb hasn&#39;t given him protective status
[06:34] <DK> he ain&#39;t me.
[06:35] <DK> Once again,
[06:35] <DK> this IS me.
[06:35] <DK> I am hopeful.
[06:35] <DK> Frankly, I&#39;m so thrilled
[06:35] <DK> by all of your support.
[06:35] <DK> It&#39;s all the cast and crew
[06:35] <DK> talked about
[06:35] <DK> on a difficult last day.
[06:35] <DK> I read Matt Roush&#39;s
[06:35] <DK> fabulous on-line obit for us
[06:35] <DK> everyone on wrap.
[06:36] <DK> We all cried.
[06:36] <DK> 200 plus people. I swear to you. We ALL cried.
[06:36] <DK> Together.
[06:36] <DK> You fans are great.
[06:36] <DK> Keep it up.
[06:36] <DK> Keep letting the world know you want to see
[06:36] <DK> more Farscape.
[06:36] <DK> It&#39;s like pre-booking
[06:36] <DK> your seat at a movie.
[06:36] <DK> If they know you will watch
[06:37] <DK> they will make the product for you.
[06:37] <DK> "Hope" is a word
[06:37] <DK> you will find in all of my scripts.
[06:37] <DK> I give it to Crichton whenever I can.
[06:37] <DK> I always have hope.
[06:37] <DK> Yesterday I had less hope.
[06:37] <DK> Today I had more.
[06:37] <DK> You get the idea.
[06:37] <DK> Specifics don&#39;t matter.
[06:38] <DK> We&#39;re taking a breather today.
[06:38] <DK> Nothing to write for Farscape for the first time
[06:38] <DK> since Oct 17, 1997.
[06:38] <DK> First night I went to be without a story or an arc
[06:38] <DK> or a new character in my head.
[06:39] <DK> A peaceful night&#39;s sleep.
[06:39] <DK> Keep it up.
[06:39] <DK> I&#39;ll get back to you
[06:39] <DK> HERE, in this room
[06:39] <DK> with Barb,
[06:39] <DK> If and when things progress or die down.
[06:39] <DK> In the meantime
[06:39] <DK> Please understand how important you are to us.
[06:39] <DK> Spread the word that calm
[06:39] <DK> reasoned
[06:40] <DK> rational
[06:40] <DK> expressions
[06:40] <DK> of dismay are appropriate.
[06:40] <DK> They are helpful.
[06:40] <DK> They work.
[06:40] <DK> I&#39;m done, Barb.
[06:40] <DK> Just wanted to set the
[06:40] <Barbarella> kewl you want me to open the floor?
[06:40] <DK> record straight re: the imposter today.
[06:41] <Barbarella> and yes its important to remember we need to act like scapers no matter what the circumstances are...especially when dealing with scifi
[06:41] <Barbarella> especially after today
[06:41] <Barbarella> ok guys I&#39;m gonna open the floor


Wirklich witzig an dem ersten fake ist vielleicht noch eines:
Wir haben den Rekord vom letzten freitag (480ppl) weit übertroffen. Das Maximum lag bei 630 Leuten im chat, was allerdings nicht lange gut ging.