Gigi hat vorhin einen chat auf ihrer seite veranstaltet. Da er unmoderiert war, lief alles ziemlich chaotisch ab. Wer eine vorstellung davon haben will, kann sich das ganze chatlog ansehen >
Ich habe mir die mühe gemacht, mein log etwas zu editieren.

[02:15] <fweakin> woooohooooo...
[02:15] <fweakin> sorry guys one day i&#39;ll learn how to wrangle this pooter
[02:15] <fweakin>
[02:15] <fweakin> how is all
[02:16] <fweakin> morning all how is all in your world
[02:16] <fweakin> thanks for coming to play in da land of gi
[02:16] <fweakin>
[02:16] <OzW> Gigi will you marry me? ;o)
[02:16] <fweakin> yes i will marry you ...if you will employ me
[02:16] <fweakin>
[02:17] <fweakin> moya and the gang all send their love
[02:17] <fweakin> I is missing them madly allready
[02:17] <fweakin> I audition for an australian telemovie with collin friels
[02:17] <fweakin> i am playing his daughter
[02:18] <fweakin> it&#39;s only a small part but a juicy one
[02:18] <fweakin> she has spinabifida
[02:18] <fweakin> sorry about the spelling guys I am trying to keep up with you
[02:18] <fweakin> I went for another audition yesterday for a mermaid
[02:18] <fweakin> teeheee
[02:18] <fweakin> how cool would that be
[02:18] <fweakin>
[02:19] <fweakin> the australian film is called Blackjack
(BLACKJACK, TYPE: Telemovie, PRODUCTION COMPANY: Jigsaw Entertainment, PHONE: 02 8399 2933, START SHOOT: 20/9/02, WRAP: 18/10/02 anm.)

* [02:18] <PumpJet> hey Gi- I still have those Chi-Shirts&#33;&#33; REMEMBER them??
[02:19] <fweakin> yes remember the shirts can&#39;t wait to see the new range
[02:19] <fweakin> teeheee
[02:19] <fweakin> waiting to hear about chicago...looks all good
[02:19] <fweakin> if any one has any clues as to wots going on let me know
[02:19] <fweakin>
[02:20] <fweakin> it was very wierd auditioning in an australian accent

* [02:20] <Sermon> Gigi, if Farscape would be picked up again, would you be available?
[02:20] <fweakin> yes absolutley
[02:20] <fweakin> I is not finished playing with chi yet
[02:20] <fweakin>
[02:20] <fweakin> it all came as a bit of a suprise...shock
[02:21] <fweakin> I was shooting a nude scene so I was painted all upo and I couldn&#39;t leave hug anyone
[02:21] <fweakin> it was very weird
[02:21] <fweakin> well..sort of nude

* [02:21] <TRtheJ> Does Chiana have a button?
[02:21] <fweakin> a belly button?
[02:21] <fweakin> or a bottom?
[02:22] <fweakin> it&#39;s very wierd to look in the mirror and see gigi
[02:22] <fweakin> but it&#39;s okay at the wrap party I asked al most every one if they woule empl;oy me
[02:22] <fweakin> and I got some real positive responses
[02:22] <fweakin>

* [02:22] <Amezri> Who wouldn&#39;t employ you?
[02:22] <fweakin> kemper
[02:22] <fweakin> just kidding
[02:23] <fweakin> lots of auditions

* [02:23] <Debaser> Will you voice the animated character if it happens? It would be odd hearing another voice for Chiana.
[02:23] <fweakin> I voiced the video game
[02:23] <fweakin> that was fun

* [02:24] <Luggage7a> Gigi, loved you in John Quixote, that was a very cute costume
[02:24] <fweakin> thats matts and jasons job
[02:24] <fweakin> I can&#39;t keep up with you guys

* [02:24] <Mariust> Gigi, are you still planning on coming to Burbank, CA in November?
[02:24] <fweakin> yeah
[02:24] <fweakin> teeheee
[02:24] <fweakin> yes definitly coming to the states
[02:24] <fweakin> I will be in bosoton for the united fan con
[02:24] <fweakin> then going to the boston sfx
[02:25] <fweakin> then I think to burbank and then maybe to new york
[02:25] <fweakin> and then chicago
[02:25] <fweakin> and hopefully london in march next year
[02:25] <fweakin> who&#39;s flying me to alabama
[02:25] <fweakin> i is ready
[02:25] <fweakin> think so ...not sure...waiting to here
[02:26] <Nebari> I fly you to Houston .....
[02:26] <fweakin> teeheee
[02:26] <fweakin> gigi had to shoot your favorite show
[02:26] <fweakin> I was really upset about that...
[02:26] <fweakin> but after I missed the plane back ffom heathrow...farscape wernt very trusting
[02:26] <fweakin> teeheee
[02:26] <fweakin> can&#39;t imagine why

* [02:27] <Sermon> Gigi, how did you find out that Farscape was cancelled and what do you think of the fans reactions?
[02:27] <fweakin> I was peeling them off my make up room on friday...having a few tears
[02:27] <fweakin> my make up room was covered from wall to wall with pictures of fans and people on set
[02:27] <fweakin> it took me hours to get it all down
[02:27] <fweakin> it was vcery surriel

* [02:27] <jinshonfett> hey gigi do you know about the big announce today where suppose to here what it is in 30 minutes
[02:28] <fweakin> no? where if the announcement gonna be made??
[02:28] <johnw> you&#39;ll always be in our hearts. there was only 1 chiana, and that vwas you.
[02:28] <fweakin> i hope so
[02:28] <fade> gi dont loose hope - hopefully farscape will be saved
[02:28] <fweakin> 666
[02:28] <trustywinona> should sign the farscape petition
[02:28] <fweakin> teeheee
[02:28] <fweakin> wheres the petition i is up for signing it...chi too

* [02:28] <SaintIdesHeaven> How do you feel about the rest of season 4? Does it kick?
[02:29] <fweakin> season four was amazing scarey...and quite challenging towards the end
[02:29] <fweakin> you could feel the boat rocking shall we say...more thanb usual
[02:29] <fweakin> fuck oath
[02:29] <fweakin> ohhh
[02:29] <fweakin> scuzzi

* [02:29] <PipaShell> Gigi, if there was a con in Spain, would you like to assist? ^_^
[02:29] <fweakin> yes that would be lush
[02:30] <fweakin> I would be there with bells on and not much else
[02:30] <fweakin> yup exactly what I meant
[02:30] <fweakin> you&#39;ll laugh...I said frell in one of my auditions

* [02:30] <Roc-A-Roo> Gigi, U still on for the NY convention?
[02:30] <fweakin> hopefully I would love to...still working on the deal

* [02:30] <Debaser> Did they recognize the frell term?
[02:31] <fweakin> no they thought I was on another planet
[02:31] <fweakin> who is fly boy??
[02:31] <Flyboy> fly boy is me LT Col Jeff Crichton
[02:31] <fweakin> i that i is
[02:31] <Amezri> Gigi: I have been sending healing energy to all of you during this time
[02:31] <fweakin> I have been picking up on the yummis you guys are sending
[02:32] <fweakin> don&#39;ty think I&#39;m rude being distant Im just trying to figure out what to do with my life
[02:32] <fweakin> I call me little bruva flyboy
[02:32] <fweakin> I thought he may have popped in
[02:33] <fweakin> I think I&#39;ll wait till I is offered a job in the states
[02:33] <fweakin> alot of films are coming here
[02:33] <fweakin> and I don&#39;t wannna spend all me pennys

* [02:33] <Lacey> the boston convention is rather close to your birthday, what do you want for your birthday this year?
* [02:33] <eupho> GiGi ..Boston anytime soon?
[02:34] <fweakin> boston on the 7th and 8th i think
[02:34] <fweakin> springfield and then in massach.....
[02:34] <fweakin> for my birthday
[02:34] <fweakin> come share my brirfday with me there

* [02:34] <Flyboy> Gigi how old is your lil bro?
[02:34] <fweakin> my little bruva is 15
[02:34] <fweakin> very spunky

* [02:35] <Edgleyfan> Ok what do you want for you birthday
[02:35] <fweakin> to be happy
[02:35] <fweakin> last year my birfday went for a few weeks so I think it should count
[02:35] <fweakin> teeheee

* [02:35] <geist> So Gigi . On the board we&#39;ve been having a debate of sorts. You would you rather star with? Bruce Campbell or Henry Rollins?
[02:35] <fweakin> both ...nude
[02:35] <fweakin> teehee

* [02:35] <Sermon> Gigi: You could spend your holidays here in Austria - I&#39;ll be the tourguide&#33; :-)
[02:36] <fweakin> austria...lush
[02:36] <Sermon> Yep - I&#39;m one Farscape fan from austria
[02:36] <fweakin> learning to use it as a positive
[02:36] <fweakin> the most permanant thing in life is change

* [02:37] <Debaser> Gigi, your speak is similar to your character&#39;s dialogue. How similar are you to Chiana?
[02:37] <fweakin> a bit too similar its...scarey
[02:37] <fweakin> no...chi is alot braver than me I think

* [02:37] <Flyboy> Gigi has anyone explained *Thud* to you?
[02:37] <fweakin> nup

[02:38] <fweakin> yes if you&#39;ll have me
02:38] <fweakin> i is doing a role in blackjack

*[02:38] <SaintIdesHeaven> Has any of Chiana&#39;s personality crept into your real life?
[02:38] <fweakin> yes....her cheekyness
[02:38] <fweakin> ...her blonde hair
[02:38] <PumpJet> Thud means when you are around the sandbox the guys pass out and hit the ground with a THUD
[02:38] <fweakin> scarey
[02:38] <Lacey> thud is the reaction you, mis.gigi cause, the general effect you charisma and beauty cause when your very name is mentiond. It is actualy kinda funny to see everyone thud all at once
[02:39] <fweakin> faeriest of kisses
[02:39] <fweakin>

* [02:39] <jrloflin> Any chance of appearing in a Doctor Who audio the next time you go to the UK?
[02:39] <fweakin> hopefully
[02:39] <fweakin> it&#39;s a telemovie so it will probably need a bit of a push

* [02:39] <Maritas> I loved the Farscape magazine article
[02:39] <fweakin> she wrote a beauty full article....
[02:39] <fweakin> the one from london?
[02:39] <Maritas> yes she did
[02:40] <fweakin> those piccis were done after seeing london for the first time properly all in three hours...
[02:40] <fweakin> i did&#39;nt realise there was gonna be a shoot aswell
[02:40] <fweakin> you guys rock by the way
[02:41] <fweakin> sorry..warned you aout the blonde

*[02:41] <dasMonkey> Gigi, make sure you keep some time open in your schedule for filming Season 5 of &#39;Farscape&#39;
[02:41] <fweakin> ohhh
[02:41] <fweakin> season five??
[02:41] <fweakin> almost in dredis
[02:41] <fweakin> i is rebelling a bit
[02:41] <fweakin> it was very wierd the night before we found out
[02:41] <fweakin> that it was all over
[02:42] <fweakin> I was speaking to my friend and I was soooo excited about having a break for a little while
[02:42] <fweakin> and out of no where I burst into tears
[02:42] <fweakin> my friend couldn&#39;t figure it out....
[02:42] <fweakin> they asked what was wrong
[02:42] <fweakin> and I said I&#39;m so scared about loosing my family
[02:42] <fweakin> you become such a huge part of one and others life
[02:43] <fweakin> and I was so dren scared of leaving everyone
[02:43] <fweakin> my friend said...your so silly you&#39;ll see them all in a few months....
[02:43] <fweakin> the next day I found out that it ws all over
[02:43] <fweakin> it was very wierd
[02:44] <fweakin> last scene was actually a scene in ep 17 so it was wierd noit finishing ...doing my last scene in ep 22
[02:44] <fweakin> i have faith in faith where ever it may come from
[02:44] <fweakin> and I love you guys
[02:44] <fweakin> to the ends of the earth
[02:44] <fweakin> ...universe
[02:45] <fweakin> faeriest of flutters lush one
[02:45] <fweakin>
[02:45] <fweakin>

* [02:45] <Roc-A-Roo> Gi, What can *WE* do to help bring Farscape back?
[02:45] <fweakin> speak to scifi...kemper
[02:45] <fweakin> the heads
[02:46] <fweakin> mmmm cheesecake
[02:46] <fweakin> yum
[02:46] <fweakin> love it

* [02:46] <hero> gigi do u eva get ppl callin u pip off satge?
[02:46] <fweakin>;s my nickname
[02:46] <fweakin> that and trouble
[02:46] <fweakin> hello trouble
[02:46] <fweakin> most of my friends say
[02:46] <fweakin> teeeheee
[02:47] <fweakin> surrenders to being submerged in cheesecake mania
[02:47] <fweakin> yummmmm

* [2:47] <johnw> are you a beer drinker?
[02:47] <fweakin> nup
[02:47] <fweakin> can&#39;t drink beer
[02:47] <fweakin> tastes too much like ...piss
[02:47] <fweakin> and not the yummi sort
[02:47] <johnw> soft only?
[02:47] <fweakin> vodka
[02:47] <fweakin> vodka
[02:48] <fweakin> yum

[02:48] <fweakin> love you guys
[02:48] <fweakin> I have to head off and look for a job
[02:49] <fweakin> grrrr
[02:49] <fweakin>
[02:49] <fweakin> contact matt or jas on the site
[02:49] <fweakin> or contact my agent barbara leane and associates
[02:50] <fweakin> thank you to the twinkling stars in the universe guys
[02:50] <fweakin> you rock
[02:50] <fweakin> I&#39;m going to play on a deserted island with my sister
[02:50] <fweakin> to manifest beauty full things
[02:51] <fweakin> luff and the most sloppiest cheescake and faerie kisses in da whole wide world
[02:51] <fweakin>
[02:52] <fweakin> thank s for coming to play...lets do this again in a couple of weeks when I come back from my runnaway and breathe trip
[02:52] <fweakin> love you