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    Down Under

    Standard / ist seit stunden down und wir haben schon einen hack-angriff befürchtet, aber cofax vom team hat eben auf dem KansasForum für aufklärung gesorgt.

    Sorry about the confusion about the site. Our hosting service suspended the site until we upgrade to a dedicated server, which we're not going to do. Instead, we're moving.

    Another server has been obtained, and most of the original site is now available at Boards are presently reachable at At the moment, we're missing everything from the last two weeks. As soon as we can, we'll retrieve the rest and bring it back up to date.

    Feel free to pass this notice wherever you hang out. We'll try to make the disruption as short as possible, but we're not completely in control of the situation.

    Thanks for your patience.

    cofax strategy team

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    Dachte auch schon ..wasn da los
    aber jetzt funzt ja wieder alles


    ----------------------------NEVER SAY DIE!!!----------------------------

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