Da ich endlich mal wieder in ner sneak war aber jetzt kein Lust hab selber ein Review zu schreiben hier dieses:

The film begins showing ?retrieval expert? Beck (The Rock a.k.a. Dwayne Johnson) heading toward a night club on a retrieval job. As he enters, for a moment you are surprised seeing a familiar face! none other than the action super star Arnold Schwarzennger, who shows face in a guest appearance as the Bar Patron and tells the star, ?Have Fun?, which is followed by an hot action scene after which the film says, ?Welcome to the Jungle?.
Beck is a good guy brought up tough, works for bad guys to retrieve whatever they want and he is paid for that. Good guy! Why does he work for bad guys? Beck does have a reason. All he wishes is to open a Restaurant and get settled. He agrees to do one last job for his boss, Billy Walker (William Lucking). The task is to bring back Billy?s son Travis (Seann William Scott) who has left to the deep adventurous Amazon jungles seeking a hidden Treasure. Beck soon lands up in the small town El Dorado at Brazil in search of Travis. Hatcher (Christopher Walken), who has a small army in the Amazon jungle and runs a gold mining company, will not let Travis go as he is the only source to an invaluable hidden treasure.
The film is fast paced with hot actions and crisp comedies throughout the movie. There is no surprise if The Rock would be the next action hero. He has given an indisputable performance and has come a long way compared to his other Hollywood movies. William Scott (American Pie) provides enough comedy to show you the other face of the movie and has given a great performance as well. Christopher Walken makes a good villain despite of his limited roles. Rosario Drawson also plays an important part in the movie.

Die Actionszenen in dem Film mögen zwar unrealistisch sein.
Kein Mensch , nichtmal "The Rock", kann im richtigen leben derart harte Schläge austeilen und einstecken wie in diesem Film. Trotzdem wird einem bei dem Film nicht langweillig und Sean William Scott ist wieder mal für die Späßte zuständig. Als reines spaßiges Actionmovie gesehen würde ich dem Film 4 von 5 Sternen geben. Der Film macht genau das was so ein Film soll, nämlich unterhalten