Warner Brothers, Cartoon Network and Kids' WB! have announced that a new animated series based on the popular Batman franchise will debut this fall on the WB television network. Titled The Batman, the series will later have a run on the Cartoon Network, currently home to Justice League and the previous Batman animated series.

The new series will follow Batman during his third year as the Dark Knight of Gotham. Batman will still be new to the job in this series, not the "always in control of the situation" character that has been in the previous series. At his disposal will be an assortment of experimental Bat-gadgets and Batmobiles, all controlled by a remote control device dubbed the "Bat-Wave."

Also present will be an "updated" take on the traditional Batman rogues gallery, including Catwoman, Penguin, Joker and others. Variety has confirmed that former live-action Batman star Adam West will voice the Mayor, and Gina Gershon will provide the voice for Catwoman. Other reports, including the always excellent ToonZone, have voice actor Rino Romano (Peter Parker / Spider-Man from Spider-Man Unlimited) as the voice of Bruce Wayne / Batman, Kevin Michael Richardson (The Animatrix) will voice the Joker, Tom Kenny (Spongebob Squarepants) will voice Penguin, Alistair Duncan (The Hobbit videogame) will play Alfred, Steve Harris will play Clayface and Ming Na (ER) will provide the voice for Detective Ellen Yin.

The theme song for the new series will be performed by The Edge, guitarist for the multi-Grammy-nominated band, U2.
von ign.com

hm das wäre soweit ich mich erinnere das 1. mal seit laaaaaanger Zeit das Mark Hamill nicht die Stimme vom Joker ist. Aber naja, mal abwarten wobei mir dieses Konzept nicht gefällt, ich bin immernoch für mehr Kontinuität. Zwischen The New Adventures of Batman&Robin und Batman of the Future hätte man ja genug Platz für neue Stories. Sind ja mind. 50 Jahre *G*

Wobei mich das Poster doch etwas abschreckt, vom Stil her <_<