Ohne nun irgendetwas vom Inhalt verraten zu müssen, kann niemand besser beschreiben als jemand der mitgefightet hat damit die abgesetzte 5. Staffel, wenigstens in Form einer Mini-Serie zu einem tollen Finale auflaufen kann.

Es ist das Nachwort zu ausführlichen Inhaltsbescheibung und Analyse und im Nachfolgenden wird nichts verraten zum Plot, zudem sollte man noch etwas Englisch lesen und verstehen können (wer will, dem übersetze ich auch gerne), doch es soll Appetit machen auf das grosse Highlight: Farscape - The Peacekeeper Wars:

In the end, "The Peacekeeper Wars" will go down as a massive success. It's not perfect, and it may overwhelm some new viewers who don't want to pay enough attention to make sense of it all, but for the fans, it's a huge, triumphant, raving success story. It succeeds in its goal to wrap things up in a way that brings a sense of closure to the story and the characters, and puts the series in a place where it can literally go anywhere now, be it movies, another mini-series or even a spin-off show. And it's exactly what you all deserved. Every single fan of Farscape, and that includes the cast and crew, deserved a chance to get the proper end to the story, and thanks to the hard work of all those who took part in the fan campaign to bring back the show, this is what we all have. Everyone who wrote a letter, sent an e-mail, told someone about the show, donated money or organised some stunt to promote the show deserves a huge thanks and round of applause, and it's something for which I for one am extremely grateful. Without such activity, without a big furore, this mini-series would never have been made. But you made noise, and in a completely unprecedented move got the show back for its most awesome adventure. That's the biggest victory any of us could have gotten, and I am so thankful for everyone's hard work that got "The Peacekeeper Wars" from a thought in the creative team's head to our TV screens. You should all be proud of what has been accomplished here.

I want to focus on all the positives, and don't want to over-analyse because seeing "The Peacekeeper Wars" reminded me exactly of why we all fought so hard for this show, and it only makes me want to see more Farscape, be it some sort of follow-up or spin-off. There are just so many possibilities. But if this is the end of the Farscape saga as we know it, then we can be happy in that we have a superbly poetic and fitting swan song to the story of John Crichton and the crew of misfits aboard Moya.

Es macht Appetit!