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    Cool Neue Spacesim

    Movie 1
    Movie 2

    Expect a galaxy with up to a hundred billions of worlds. You will not be able to visit them all in your whole lifetime, even if you were to spend only one second per world!
    Can i own multiple ships ? A space station ? A city ? A planet... ?

    Yes. You will actually be able to acquire any object in the game world. You will be able to hire non-playing characters to control your ships and follow your orders. You will be able to move space stations and set the tax rates. Acquire some buildings in a city. Or if you're getting very rich, a whole planet.
    How is the transition between space and ground level done ?

    It is completely seamless, with no loading times - actually, what you see from space is really what you see when you land. This is one of the key technologies behind the game engine.
    Can i walk outside my ship ? On planets, or in stations ?

    No, although vehicles on planets are a possibility.
    the game universe recreates a wide range of celestial bodies, including many types of suns (sometimes binary or trinary systems), planet types, moons, asteroids, nebulaes, black holes, etc.. with believable orbits (moons orbit their planet, themselves orbiting a sun). Scales are also realistic: you will not find a planet of a few kilometers radius in Infinity. My approach is pretty close to a planetarium software, like Celestia
    What happens when your ship is destroyed ? Is there perma-death ?

    When your ship is destroyed, your physical character will escape in a capsule pod. Perma-death does not exist; however, you will be unable to do anything until you are rescued.
    How long will the development last ? When are you planning to release it ?

    The official release date is "when it's done". Realistically, expect the first playable version in one to two years (so, end 2006 or 2007).
    Und das Geile daran ist auch noch, das es ein MMO Game ist, mann es aber auch komplett Offline spielen kann... oder nur mit ein paar Freunden Online

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    Schwalbach a.Ts,

    Standard AW: Neue Spacesim

    Wo ich das so lese: Kennt eigentlich noch jemand von Euch das "Captain Blood" von Psygnosis ? Hatte auch eine schöne SF-Stimmung !

    Meine Bibliothek (im Aufbau):

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    Standard AW: Neue Spacesim

    sehr interssant. wenn ich das so lese fange ich gleich wieder zu schwärmen an

    hat das Game auch einen Namen? Gibts eine offizielle Homepage?

    The Blue Lotus, a legend, I thought a myth
    Old poems and stories gone
    A beauty of unimaginable lust
    Both men's hearts, and Gods, were won
    Skin like milk, an angels face
    They say her smile could kill
    Her hair the blackest of all black
    Stories I thought though, still
    <span style='color:red'> 42 is the number of the beast: 6*6+6=42 </span>

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